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Energy Efficient Tyres


About ENERGYWISE approved fuel efficient tyres

Beaurepaires stocks a big range of ENERGYWISE approved fuel efficient tyres. Tyres with this approval mark meet ENERGYWISE standards for both fuel efficiency and braking in the wet – saving fuel and ensuring performance when safety really counts.

Switching to ENERGYWISE approved tyres could save you up to $500 over the life of the tyres, or up to 15 cents per litre**.

Tyres may all look the same but fuel efficient tyres are made from a different compound so they roll along the ground more easily. When driving, your car will use less energy to push itself along, and you’ll go further on a tank because you’ll use less fuel.


View the full details of Goodyear and Dunlop’s range of ENERGYWISE approved fuel efficient tyres: Goodyear Dunlop ENERGYWISE approved tyres booklet [PDF file, 1 MB size, 4 pages]


*The ENERGYWISE approved tick applies to selected tyre sizes only. For a full list of ENERGYWISE approved tyres (and tyre sizes) visit

**Savings based on a set of four fuel efficient tyres. Visit for details.


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