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Goodyear tyres

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As a Goodyear tyre specialist, your local Beaurepaires store stocks an extensive range of Goodyear tyres, and can help you find the right tyre for you.

About Goodyear tyres

Every Goodyear tyre has more than 100 years of performance-driven innovation behind it. One of the world’s largest tyre companies, Goodyear is committed to making tyres safer, longer lasting, and kinder to the environment. It currently has a wide range of ENERGYWISE-approved fuel efficient tyres which meet strict standards for safety when braking in the wet and fuel efficiency.

Goodyear established operations in New Zealand in 1917.   

Check out these popular Goodyear tyres

Goodyear Assurance TripleMax tyre Goodyear Eagle F1  Asymmetric tyre Goodyear Optilife tyre

Goodyear Assurance TripleMax

Goodyear Eagle F1  Asymmetric

Goodyear Optilife


A fuel efficient Goodyear tyre that saves you at the fuel pump all while delivering great mileage and great handling.

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Features revolutionary Active Cornergrip and Racing Compound Technology for impressive high speed cornering and grip.

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Designed specifically to provide outstanding mileage, while maintaining safety and performance.

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