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Continental ContiSportContact 5P


Designed for maximum driving pleasure and safety. Perfect steering precision, outstanding grip and stability during cornering and short braking distances on both wet and dry roads makes this a great choice for driving enthusiasts. Comes fitted standard on many vehicles.

Size Max Load EECA
18" Rim
235/40 R18 EECA
255/35 R18 EECA
19" Rim
225/35 R19 EECA
225/40 R19 EECA
235/35 R19 EECA
235/35 R19 EECA
235/35 R19 EECA
245/35 R19 EECA
245/40 R19 EECA
255/30 R19 EECA
255/35 R19 EECA
255/40 R19 EECA
265/30 R19 EECA
265/35 R19 EECA
265/35 R19 EECA
275/30 R19 EECA
275/35 R19 EECA
285/30 R19 EECA
285/35 R19 EECA
285/35 R19 EECA
295/30 R19 EECA
20" Rim
245/30 R20 EECA
245/35 R20 EECA
255/30 R20 EECA
255/35 R20 EECA
255/40 R20 EECA
265/30 R20 EECA
275/30 R20 EECA
275/35 R20 EECA
285/30 R20 EECA
295/30 R20 EECA
21" Rim
265/35 R21 EECA
275/30 R21 EECA
275/35 R21 EECA
285/30 R21 EECA

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