Save the planet (and your wallet) with fuel efficient tyres at Beaurepaires!

Did you know that the tyres on your vehicle have a significant impact on your fuel economy?

Six reasons to get your vehicle checked this winter!

It’s estimated that 20% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption is due to rolling resistance. The less rolling resistance, the more you save on fuel! Maintaining proper air pressure in your tyres can help with this, however, investing in tyres with fuel saving technology will save you the big bucks in the long run AND lessens your environmental impact.

So, we’ve piqued your interest and you want to improve your fuel economy all while saving the environment… what’s next?

Look no further than Michelin! Michelin and fuel economy go together like hot chips and tomato sauce, onion soup and reduced cream, a sausage sizzle at Mitre10… need we go on?

Michelin was the pioneer of fuel saving technology, inventing the first low-rolling-resistance tyre in 1992. Since then, the technology has evolved significantly, and Michelin now has a wide range of tyres, which provide fuel savings without sacrificing the other critical features you need in a tyre; such as safety, grip, handling and durability – delivering Michelin’s Total Performance™ technology.

All Michelin tyres that Beaurepaires sell have been specifically designed for the unique climate conditions and road surfaces of New Zealand, so you can be confident knowing these tyres will handle whatever our rough and winding roads throw at them!

Michelin’s commitment to protecting the environment extends beyond these benefits, with specific sustainability focuses on:     

  • Saving raw materials and energy
  • Reducing emissions into the air and water
  • Reducing vehicle fuel consumption
  • Increasing tyre life

Life is too short to be throwing money away on unnecessary fuel consumption, so be sure to consider Michelin next time you’re in the market for tyres!

Choosing Michelin tyres means you could save up to 60 litres of fuel* at the pump, without sacrificing on safety, grip, handling, or durability.

To learn more about your discounts and reducing your fuel consumption with Michelin tyres, give our knowledgeable contact centre team a call on 0800 30 50 60 or browse our range of Michelin tyres!

*Estimate of average savings with MICHELIN Energy Saver+ tyre compared to its predecessor MICHELIN Energy Saver, for petrol vehicles, based on rolling resistance tests carried out by TÜV Süd in 2012 (on 175/65 R 14 T and 195/65 R 15 H) and calculated over the average life span for MICHELIN tyres (i.e 45 000 km – 2013 internal survey).