4WD and 4X4 Tyres

Need 4×4 or 4WD tyres? If you love getting off the beaten track and taking your vehicle off-road on New Zealand’s beautiful terrain then you need to make sure you have the right 4WD tyres to meet your demands!

We understand the importance of having dependable 4WD or 4×4 tyres that will power through the back country roads, whilst still providing a smooth ride.

At Beaurepaires we offer a wide range of 4WD tyres to suit your vehicle and the kind of driving you love to do. Our team will advise you based on how much on-road versus off-road driving you do and whether you’re concerned with ride quality, appearance, traction, durability or performance. Everyone is different and our team tailors our recommendations to your needs.

Our range of 4WD tyres are available in a number of different types including on-road, off-road, mud and all-terrain. We recommend fitting four of the same type and brand tyres to your car to ensure maximum effectiveness. At Beaurepaires we partner with leading tyre brands like BFGoodrich,  Goodyear and Dunlop which means we can offer cutting-edge technology to improve your tyre performance and enhance your driving experience.

Not sure what 4WD tyres are right for you? No problem, just call our friendly team or come in-store and we’ll evaluate what tyre best suits your vehicle so you can get out enjoying life!


For your city commute and light off road journeys. The LTX Force SUV tyre handles it all. Using Michelin’s latest technologies the LTX Force is an off-road tyre with on-road capabilities, it has comfortable ride and lasts up to 35% longer than its closest competitors.


Years of experience and testing in some of the toughest conditions on Earth have resulted in a tyre that thoroughly and consistently defies expectations.
All Terrain KM3 Tyre


When you see the Krawler inspired tread pattern, you can tell the Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 isn’t merely an update of the previous model. It’s a whole new animal. Designed for serious off-road performance, Krawler-TEK technology uses three key sidewall enhancements, including a brand new rubber compound that resists punctures and bruising. So it can take on even the most torturous conditions.
All Terrain KM2 Tyre


The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 is an on/off-Road tyre that delivers exceptional toughness, durability and traction for traversing harsh conditions and gives you the confidence to take on the toughest challenges for work or play.
All Terrain KO2 Tyre


The Dunlop Grandtrek AT5 is a new all-terrain tyre offering enhanced on-road performance for the daily commute with improved handling for off-road adventures. Dunlop Grandtrek AT5 gives you the confidence to do more on and off road.

Fitting and service charges include the following:

Tyre Fitting & Wheel Balancing – Our friendly team will remove your old tyres and fit the new tyres to your wheels, while also balancing to ensure even tyre wear, a smooth ride and even weight distribution.

Tubeless Rubber Valve – This is the valve you use to put air into your tyres. Over time, these can deteriorate, creating a safety hazard. By installing a new valve we can ensure your safety when you need to put air in your tyres in the future.

Tyre Disposal – Your tyres do not go to the rubbish dump but to a sustainable processing plant to get broken down and reused for other products and projects.