Beaurepaires Need A Coffee? Stop in for a FREE Safety Check

Relax, have a FREE coffee or hot chocolate, read one of our up-to-date magazines, and take 15 minutes for yourself. You can do all of this and don’t need to feel guilty because while you are having your well-deserved break, we will be working to keep you and your family safe on the road with our FREE 6 Point Safety Check.


Your safety on the road is important to us and that’s why at Beaurepaires we perform FREE 6 Point Safety Checks on all vehicles. It takes about 15 minutes and you don’t need to book an appointment in advance.

Our friendly team will do an inspection of your car’s tyres – including the spare – making sure your tyre pressure and tread depth are ok, checking your oil level, wiper blades and headlights condition and confirming your car battery has plenty of spark.

Once completed our team will email you a free report so you know exactly what was checked and when you might be due to pop in and see us again, too easy!

  • FREE Tyre Pressure Check
  • FREE Tyre Tread Depth Check
  • FREE Battery Check
  • FREE Oil Check
  • FREE Wiper Blade Check
  • FREE Headlight Check

Stop in at your nearest Beaurepaires store and ask for a FREE 6 Point Safety Check, so you can drive away with peace of mind.

Beaurepaires 4 point safety check


Your safety on the road is important to us, that’s why at Beaurepaires we offer FREE 6 Point Safety Checks! Now including oil, wiper blade and headlight checks. Come in-store and get one today!

Beaurepaires Free 6 Point Safety Check_Free Tyre Pressure Check_Free Tyre Tread Depth Check
Beaurepaires Free 6 Point Safety Check_Free Battery Check_Free Oil Check
Beaurepaires Free 6 Point Safety Check_Free Wiper Blade Check_Free Headlight Check

Under-inflated or over-inflated tyres wear out more quickly and don’t handle as well when you are driving. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure will help you to use less fuel and be safer on the road – and your tyres will last longer.

All Beaurepaires stores have advanced battery testing capability and our staff are trained to fit batteries.

Your windscreen wipers are essential for driving safely because they either improve or inhibit driving visibility.

Tread depth measures how worn your tyres are. Worn or bald tyres with poor tread depth will greatly affect the overall braking and cornering performance of your vehicle, putting you, your passengers and other road users at risk. Beaurepaires recommends that you replace tyres when the tread depth reaches 3mm.

Oil is the life-blood of your vehicle. Quality oil reduces friction and heat, so your engine doesn’t burn up and seize. Keep your engine clean and protected with our range of Shell Lubricants. Our team will check your oil level and let you know if you need a top up.

Driving at night or in bad weather conditions with ineffective headlights could pose a safety concern. If your headlights are looking a bit worse for wear, come into Beaurepaires and our friendly team will remove the oxidised material to a smooth and polished finish with our Headlight Restoration Service.

We recommend that you get a FREE 6 Point Safety Check every three months, to ensure that your tyres are still safe, legal, and in road-worthy condition.


“I feel so much safer driving the car now.”

“Appreciated the hot and cold drinks station while you wait.
Also the chairs are surprisingly comfy.”

“I feel like they have my safety as first priority.”

“Brilliant service and advice as always. Drove away feeling like I was safe on the road.
Will not go anywhere else for tyre service.”


*Free 6 Point Safety Check: The FREE 6 Point Safety Check consists of a tyre pressure check, tyre tread depth check, a battery check, oil check, wiper blade check and a headlight check at any participating Beaurepaires store, and is subject to availability on the day.