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Headlight Restoration

Headlights looking dull? Struggling to see properly at night?  Let us restore your dull, yellowed headlights to like-new condition!

Faded headlights (yellowing headlights) caused by the oxidisation of the surface of the outer cover, can cause a serious degradation in the effectiveness of the light itself.

Driving at night or in bad weather conditions with ineffective headlights could pose a safety concern. If your headlights are looking a bit worse for wear, come into Beaurepaires and our friendly team will remove the oxidised material to a smooth and polished finish with our Headlight Restoration Service.

The results will restore dull, yellowed headlights to like-new clarity and improve lens appearance and visibility for safer driving.

Your headlights will look good as new by the time you leave.

Do I Need Headlight Restoration?

You may need your headlights restored if:

  • You’re having trouble seeing the road at night.
  • Your headlights are yellowing.
  • Your headlights look cloudy.
  • Your headlights are cracked or scratched

What can I expect?

Once our team have restored your headlights they will be back in as new condition!

How do we restore your headlights?

Our multi-stage process focuses on deeper discolouration and scratches to restore the lens to like new condition and add a protective layer to ensure longevity of the restored surface.

We will thoroughly clean your headlight lenses to remove any dirt and residue.
We will then apply the Lens Clarifying Compound to each headlight. If not fully clear we will apply spray lube and use Restoration Pads on problem spots.
Finish off with Lens Sealing wipe to add a protective layer to your restored headlights.

Headlight Restoration is available at all Beaurepaires Stores (excluding Beaurepaires Alexandra, Masterton, Sydenham and Ashburton) Come in-store or book online.

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