Lease Vehicles

We have your lease vehicle tyre needs covered!

At Beaurepaires we supply and service all sorts of tyres from cars and SUV’s to wheelbarrows and trailer tyres. Beaurepaires also stocks Shell motor oil and a wide range of Exide batteries.

Beaurepaires is an authorised service provider to the major lease companies including:

  • LeasePlan
  • Orix
  • sgfleet
  • Custom Fleet
  • Toyota Leasing
  • Maaxi Leasing
  • Marac Finance
  • Fleetwise
  • Flexi Lease

We have the expertise and equipment to satisfy all your tyre servicing needs. We offer a full range of tyre services including:

  • Fitting
  • Balancing
  • Tyre puncture repair
  • Tyre rotations and wheel alignments
  • Automotive services at selected stores


Get the best from your lease vehicles by choosing Beaurepaires as your tyre partner.

Beaurepaires gives business owners and fleet managers peace-of-mind. Let our experienced team help you run your fleet of leased vehicles safely and efficiently by providing:



Your safety on the road is important to us, that’s why at Beaurepaires we offer FREE 6 Point Safety Check Now including oil, wiper blade and headlight checks. It’s easy to get your free check – you can book online, come in-store or call our friendly team today!

Under-inflated or over-inflated tyres wear out more quickly and don’t handle as well when you are driving. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure will help you to use less fuel and be safer on the road – and your tyres will last longer.

All Beaurepaires stores have advanced battery testing capability and our staff are trained to fit batteries.

Your windscreen wipers are essential for driving safely because they either improve or inhibit driving visibility.

Tread depth measures how worn your tyres are. Worn or bald tyres with poor tread depth will greatly affect the overall braking and cornering performance of your vehicle, putting you, your passengers and other road users at risk. Beaurepaires recommends that you replace tyres when the tread depth reaches 3mm.

Oil is the life-blood of your vehicle. Quality oil reduces friction and heat, so your engine doesn’t burn up and seize. Keep your engine clean and protected with our range of Shell Lubricants. Our team will check your oil level and let you know if you need a top up.

Driving at night or in bad weather conditions with ineffective headlights could pose a safety concern. If your headlights are looking a bit worse for wear, come into Beaurepaires and our friendly team will remove the oxidised material to a smooth and polished finish with our Headlight Restoration Service.

We recommend that you get a FREE 6 Point Safety Check every three months, to ensure that your tyres are still safe, legal, and in road-worthy condition.

Fitting and service charges include the following:

Tyre Fitting & Wheel Balancing – Our friendly team will remove your old tyres and fit the new tyres to your wheels, while also balancing to ensure even tyre wear, a smooth ride and even weight distribution.

Tubeless Rubber Valve – This is the valve you use to put air into your tyres. Over time, these can deteriorate, creating a safety hazard. By installing a new valve we can ensure your safety when you need to put air in your tyres in the future.

Tyre Disposal – Your tyres do not go to the rubbish dump but to a sustainable processing plant to get broken down and reused for other products and projects.