31-1100MF HVY

31-1100MF HVY
1 × Battery Fitting Charges

Exide has developed a range of heavy commercial batteries that suit every application. The Extreme range delivers a solution that accommodates different needs whether it be starting a bus, strong cranking for the ‘Big Rig’, dual purpose battery banks for tankers or powering the larger tractor or earth moving equipment. Extreme has it all with two product technologies, maintainable and sealed maintenance free. Backed by our 24 month warranty offer.

Fitting and service charges include the following:

Tyre Fitting & Wheel Balancing – Our friendly team will remove your old tyres and fit the new tyres to your wheels, while also balancing to ensure even tyre wear, a smooth ride and even weight distribution.

Tubeless Rubber Valve – This is the valve you use to put air into your tyres. Over time, these can deteriorate, creating a safety hazard. By installing a new valve we can ensure your safety when you need to put air in your tyres in the future.

Tyre Disposal – Your tyres do not go to the rubbish dump but to a sustainable processing plant to get broken down and reused for other products and projects.