After three years of development, the Michelin Primacy 4 tyre provides exceptionally high levels of performance on wet roads. What really sets the Primacy 4 apart from its competitors is its long-term performance, from the first use as a brand new tyre, right down to the last mile when the tyre reaches its legal tread limit. The tyre continues to respond exceptionally under braking even when worn. Compared to its direct competitors, the new Michelin Primacy 4 brakes on average 2.5m shorter in the wet when new and 5.1m shorter when worn.* That means that you and your family will be safe when the tyre is new and safe when it is worn!

*1.WORN condition: tyres tested at 2mm remaining tread depth. 2.Wetbreaking test 80 to 0kph, conducted by TUVRheinland Thailand Ltd, on Michelin’s request, in January 2018, on dimension 225/50R17 on Honda Accord. Comparing new and worn Michelin Primacy 4 versus average of 4 premium brands of tyres.