Shell 2 Stroke Fuel Guide

Shell 2T is a quality oil specifically blended for all standard two-stroke petrol engines. Based on a high viscosity index mineral oil, contains carefully selected additives to provide long and trouble-free performance.

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Getting the right fuel mix for your 2-stroke lawnmower, chainsaw, brush cutter or other power equipment is as simple as:

  • Checking your equipment’s correct mix ration.
  • Purchasing fuel in an approved container.
  • Measuring and adding the prescribed amount of Shell 2T Oil to the fuel.
  • Mixing it thoroughly.
  • Putting the 2-stroke blending fuel into your equipment’s fuel tank.


Step 1:
Find out the correct type of fuel and fuel/oil ratio for your equipment. You should be able to find this in the Owner’s Manual or marked on the equipment itself. If in doubt, contact either the store you purchased the equipment from or the manufacturer.

Step 2:
Purchase the correct fuel for your equipment in an approved container. Make sure you buy fuel in whole 1 litre units to make working out the correct fuel/oil mix easy. Do not fill the container completely – leave some air space.

Step 3:
Purchase Shell 2T Oil.
Measure the correct amount of oil based on the specified mix ratio for your equipment and the amount of fuel in your container, using the table over the page.

Step 4:
Add the measured amount of Shell 2T Oil into your approved fuel container. Seal the lid and gently shake the container to ensure the oil is mixed thoroughly with the fuel.

Step 5:
Carefully add the fuel-oil mix into your equipment fuel tank using a funnel and you are ready to go! Remember to store your fuel container in a cool and secure location.



1. Using the correct fuel-oil mix in a 2-stroke engine is critical to its operation. Too little oil could result in expensive engine damage. Too much oil could gum-up the engine and foul the spark plug, resulting in poor performance.

2. Confirm that the equipment is fitted with a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine. Some 2-stroke engines have a separate oil thank for the 2-stroke oil. They have automatic dosing pumps to tread the fuel in-line. In these cases the oil should not be pre-mixed with the fuel but used undiluted to fill the oil tank. Please make sure you know what type your engine is by referring to the Owners Manual, looking for instructions on the equipment itself or contacting the retailer or manufacturer.


Fuel/Oil Ratio Fuel/Oil Ratio Fuel/Oil Ratio Fuel/Oil Ratio Fuel/Oil Ratio
Litres of Fuel 25:1 30:1 35:1 40:1 50:1
1L 40ml 33ml 29ml 25ml 20ml
2L 80ml 67ml 57ml 50ml 40ml
3L 120ml 100ml 86ml 75ml 60ml
4L 160ml 133ml 114ml 100ml 80ml
5L 200ml 167ml 143ml 125ml 100ml

This guide is based on various oil/fuel mix ratios, suited to most 2-stroke lawnmowers, chainsaws, garden equipment, small generators and engines.
Before mixing Shell 2T oil with fuel, check the original manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that the oil/fuel mix you chose is correct for your equipment.

Beaurepaires provides this information as a general guide only. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the equipment manufacturer usage instructions and specifications are followed exactly, as these may differ from the suggested advice detailed in this document. Beaurepaires is not liable for any equipment damage or product loss sustained in relation to the suggest advice detailed in this document.

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